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A business powered by love brings the highest return

By Paul Yankey

  • UCCS Teaching Professor

  • Sales Person of the Year, Dell, Inc.

  • Part of the World’s highest-valued, fastest growing, and most desired to work for companies

  • Multi - Ironman

  • Resilience and suicide prevention speaker


  • IgniteForce™ Be Unleashed…. Learn the three secrets of success
    IgniteForce™ Be Unleashed…. Learn the three secrets of success
    Wed, Apr 24
    US Olympic and Paralympic Museum
    Apr 24, 2024, 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM
    US Olympic and Paralympic Museum , 200 S Sierra Madre St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903, USA
    Apr 24, 2024, 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM
    US Olympic and Paralympic Museum , 200 S Sierra Madre St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903, USA
    Be Unleashed… Register Today at
  • UZBEKISTAN AWAITS // Please RSVP, seats limited.
    UZBEKISTAN AWAITS // Please RSVP, seats limited.
    Thu, Mar 21
    UCCS Downtown
    Mar 21, 2024, 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM
    UCCS Downtown , 102 S Tejon St. Suite 105-A, Colorado Springs, CO 80903
    Mar 21, 2024, 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM
    UCCS Downtown , 102 S Tejon St. Suite 105-A, Colorado Springs, CO 80903
    Experience the Crown Jewel of Central Asia. Opportunities and openings for business, education, and more await in Uzbekistan. Paul Yankey, a UCCS Instructor and friend of the U.S. Ambassador in Uzbekistan shares about alliances being formed and the connections to be made.



Three decades of having led sales teams for some of today's most successful companies has shown a business devoid of care or love is an empty shell. The deepest human connections are forged through care, compassion and recognition of our shared humanity. When leaders authentically love their people and purposes, they tap into powerful motivations. Employees feel valued, not just for their productivity but their inherent worth. They invest more passion, creativity and loyalty. They rally around higher ideals that transcend profits.


Customers sense when businesses see them as human beings, not just transactions. The most successful companies find meaning in improving people's lives beyond making money.


Love is not a distraction from business objectives but a force multiplier. It inspires deeper relationships, resilience, innovation and shared visions. Cold, analytical and self-interested business practices may work temporarily, but they ultimately lead to disengagement and disintegration. Wise leaders understand that hearts nourish community, excellence and sustainable success. Love must guide business, or business will fail to truly lead.

Motivated by the support of leading business figures, I'm leveraging my own journey—both triumphs and stumbles—to ignite and expand this powerful truth, in practical and growth oriented ways for today's marketplace.






There is a disconnect in selling today.  It's all about the number, and the process.  The core, the purity, of why we sell has been lost.  

At its foundation, we sell because we love.  We want good for those we serve. This force is the most powerful, inspiring, truth-promoting, and personally challenging energy in existence.  

This powerful, actionable, and often overlooked truth is able to be infused.  I share proven, tangible, steps which bring instantaneous and lasting positive change for the business, the person, and society.  

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Topics and Services

*Custom program development is always an option

Sell With Love

From the heart, energetic, inspiring, and vulnerable. 


This talk will equip you to:

1. Wake up excited to go work

2. Unpack the often-overlooked value of serving

3. How to care and be strong

4. The three secrets of success

This message goes to the core of why we sell and how by engaging heart power, sales will grow, and you'll be energized and experience magnitude improvements in satisfaction.  


Essential Ethos of Team


Igniting passion, together in action

This talk will:

1. Make vivid the power of together

2. Lead all on a journey of gratitude

3. Generate candid acceptance

4. Ignite the path forward


Every organization is unique. A variety of ongoing engagement programs are developed and provided addressing specific needs.  It is a dive deeper into key concepts of mindset, practical, and tactical.  There is always a path forward! 

Every Last One

Good people are invaluable

This program will:

1. Allow you to keep good people

2. Provide freedom and a conduite for the critical conversations


If you have a good person that you would like to continue to have a part of your organization, and they want the same but performance is simply not there, we have a track record of working turn around miracles. This intensive, in-person program has phenomenal results

The Wanted Voice

The board sets the tone 


This offer provides:

1. A voice unfettered by politics

2. A voice tempered by business reality

3. A voice motivated by care and love

In many situations intentionally incorporating the foundation of care and working from its energy is best served by involvement at the board level.  This is a role Paul Yankey has often engaged with and is open to discussing. 

Progress is the start of happiness. 

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